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Butterfly Gallery Set Two

Here is the next set of butterfly pictures, for your enjoyment! Advertisements

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Butterfly Inspired Faerie Dress

The butterfly below was my favourite that I saw at the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster, Colorado. It was nearing the end of its lifespan and its colors were soft compared to those of its younger friends. I loved how it … Continue reading

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Butterfly Gallery Set One

I recently visited my dear friends in Colorado. There they have an amazing Butterfly Pavilion with thousands of butterflies. Here are some highlights of our day!

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Goal Complete

I made this using beautiful wood (of some type) and lazering this design from a photo I took. I liked the etched and cut quality. I turned it into a journal/tracker for myself for the next little phase of my … Continue reading

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Little Mushroom book

This little guy is only 2″ by 2.5″.  I used banana paper for the cover with a variety of others papers for the guts, including only file folders. I sew it together using a crossed stitch. I used an image … Continue reading

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Button Numero Tres.

This incarnation of my button book explorations was 1 inch in diameter. This one turned out very well, and you get some scale with the button in hand image. I think I will keep making these. Good faerie offerings I … Continue reading

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Little bunny bunny, you’re so pretty and your preciousssss….

This image was taken from a photo I took on my Honeymoon. This little bun translated well to a monochrome lazer etched image for this book! I also enjoyed the rock wrapping paper end pages that felt in-tone with the … Continue reading

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