Butterfly Gallery Set Two

Here is the next set of butterfly pictures, for your enjoyment!

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Butterfly Inspired Faerie Dress

fairy dressThe butterfly below was my favourite that I saw at the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster, Colorado. It was nearing the end of its lifespan and its colors were soft compared to those of its younger friends. I loved how it looked soft and gentle in its patterns and colors. For funzies, and as possible future inspiration for actual clothing making, I created this dress in photoshop, inspired by the butterfly’s patterns and colors. We’ll see if this becomes a reality at some point!


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Butterfly Gallery Set One

I recently visited my dear friends in Colorado. There they have an amazing Butterfly Pavilion with thousands of butterflies. Here are some highlights of our day!

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Goal Complete

I made this using beautiful wood (of some type) and lazering this design from a photo I took. I liked the etched and cut quality. I turned it into a journal/tracker for myself for the next little phase of my life. Which is wonderful, considering that this is my 25th handmade book. My goal was to make 25 handmade books by the end of the year. I am on a roll, and I think I will make quite a few more. But it is nice to have finished one of my crafting goals for the year. I still have to finish a quilt, an outfit, a photo book, three paintings, and something else I am forgetting right now. I finished the rag rug, that was on my list. So I am truckin’ along! I hope you enjoyed this book! Thanks for reading!


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Little Mushroom book

This little guy is only 2″ by 2.5″.¬† I used banana paper for the cover with a variety of others papers for the guts, including only file folders. I sew it together using a crossed stitch. I used an image of mine and translated it to the lazer cutting. I had to use a very light setting because the first time it destroyed the cover. I had to press it for quite a while because it wanted to stay open, but eventually it laid flat. DSC_7054

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Button Numero Tres.

This incarnation of my button book explorations was 1 inch in diameter. This one turned out very well, and you get some scale with the button in hand image. I think I will keep making these. Good faerie offerings I wager. DSC_7065

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Little bunny bunny, you’re so pretty and your preciousssss….

This image was taken from a photo I took on my Honeymoon. This little bun translated well to a monochrome lazer etched image for this book! I also enjoyed the rock wrapping paper end pages that felt in-tone with the rabbitty goodness. This wooden cover book is 4 by 4 inches, Coptic stitched with light green, waxed, embroidery thread. DSC_7058

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